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Google: The beginning of the scrollend

Looks like you’re on the brink of finding out exactly how much your audience engages with your content…

Google just announced scrollend, a new JavaScript event for Chrome that fires when a user stops scrolling, allowing you to identify that particular point on your website.

So what?

Well, first of all, the scrollend event can fire in various moments, like when:

  • The browser is no longer animating or translating scroll.
  • The user releases touch from the screen.
  • The pointer has released the scroll thumb.
  • The keypress has been released.

… And so on. Meaning you’ll know when users stop reading your posts, how they engage with your content, etc. You seeing the possibilities yet?

It’s not exactly new

Some browsers, like Mozilla Firefox, have already implemented scrollend.

But Chrome developers said they needed to tweak a few small problems.

To give just one example: when you zoomed in on one section of a page and moved around, it counted as an event even though you didn’t scroll the document.

Why we care

This new event could improve your marketing efforts in Google in many ways, like helping you determine where to include sign-up forms or sales copy, which readers to retarget, and more.

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