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Google: It’s easier to make bumper ads, plus three Performance Max updates

That sound you hear… That’s Google revving up their automated ads for what’s coming.

The company just announced a few updates that should—in their words—help you with the holiday season.

Shiny new tools: Google’s latest Performance Max additions focus on planning, customization, and evaluation:

  • The Performance Planner uses machine learning to “simulate” campaigns and forecast your potential ROI. Super useful, if accurate.
  • Asset group scheduling helps you schedule asset groups so you can pause or enable them when needed. Also, you can now add up to 15 headlines to your asset groups.
  • Explanations and insights show why campaigns may not work, perform diagnostics, and give recommendations. You can also add data segments as data signals in your campaigns, which may help you evaluate your first-party data.

Google also suggests best practices for these new features, so check out their full description. It may give you an edge in the following weeks!

Bumpers and trim: Also, you can now trim videos into 6-second shorts, which should make it easy to create bumper ads.

The machine learning-powered tool finds “important scenes and brand assets from the original video” and adapts them to shorter formats… all by itself. Sweet.

Why we care: Google seems to be using the upcoming holiday online shopping spree as a testing ground for their machine learning capabilities.

If you’re running Google Ads, make sure you leverage these updates.

It’s in Google’s best interests for these tools to succeed, so you may get a few surprise wins along the way.



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