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[Google] From Likes to Leads: Interact with Customers Online: Ad formats on social media

In this article, the content about paid social media strategy recommends that you familiarize yourself with the requirements and specifications for ads on different social media platforms. This reading explores the formats for social media ads in more detail.

Advertising goals, then formats

An advertising best practice is to select ad formats based on your advertising goals. For each goal below, the ad format that is known to work best for that goal is identified.

Goal: Maximize awareness

  • Best format: Video
  • Advantage: Transfer maximum amount of information in a short amount of time

Goal: Maximize clicks

  • Best format: Static image
  • Advantage: Combine with a compelling call to action

Goal: Maximize conversions

  • Best format: Static image
  • Advantage: Combine with a click-to-purchase call to action

Goal: Maximize app downloads

  • Best format: Video
  • Advantage: Provide instruction on how to use the app

Goal: Maximize app downloads

  • Best format (if available): Custom, platform-specific formats
  • Advantage: Drive app installations higher with a format dedicated for that purpose

Goal: Maximize engagement

  • Best format: Video
  • Advantage: Tell stories that draw people in

Ad formats, then specifications

After you have identified the ad format(s) you want to use, choose the social media platforms and look up specific requirements for each. Search for the specifications for the ad formats you have chosen on those platforms.

For example, if you’re going to run a static image ad on LinkedIn, consult the ads guide first and then refer to the specification.

Key Takeaways

In general, the type of ads you select will depend on your advertising budget and goals. Some ads are more expensive to run than others, so if budget is a concern, you might not choose the most expensive types of ads. Certain ads are better suited for particular advertising goals than others. It’s always helpful to identify your advertising goals first and then choose the ad formats that best support your goals. After you have selected the ad formats, consult and follow the specifications for the ad formats on the social media platforms you will use.

Resources for more information

Use the following resources to locate the ad formats on other popular social media platforms.