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[Google] Make the Sale: Build, Launch, and Manage E-commerce Stores: Plan for seasonal events

In an earlier reading, you learned about identifying special events and holidays for marketing and promotional opportunities. In this reading, you’ll learn Google Ads features that allow you to plan for these occasions.

During special events and holidays, e-commerce stores want an increase in conversion rates (in this case people clicking on your ads) since more people are searching to buy products online. Google Ads allows you to prepare for this by using the Performance Planner.

Performance Planner

Performance Planner is a useful tool within Google Ads that allows you to forecast your Search, Display, and Shopping campaign’s performance based on your budget. That means you can predict future outcomes of holiday and special event sales. The planner also addresses seasonality based on your business type and location.

You can review how changes to campaigns might affect overall performance and key metrics such as conversions, conversion value, or clicks.

In addition, using Performance Planner can help you:

  • Explore outcomes by adjusting campaign settings
  • Understand opportunities in seasonal periods
  • Manage budgets across accounts and campaigns

How it works

The Performance Planner tool works by using your campaign history and billions of search queries to create forecasts—or predictions—on how well your campaign will perform. The tool helps you create plans for your advertising budget.

This screenshot shows the Performance Planner tool in Google Ads.

This screenshot shows the Performance Planner tool in Google Ads.

Unlike making Smart Bidding adjustments, Performance Planner relies on existing campaigns. If your campaigns don’t have enough conversions to create a forecast, but they have enough clicks, you can manually enter a conversion rate to assess conversion forecasts.

Requirements to use the Performance Planner Tool

To use the the performance planner tool for a standard or Smart Shopping campaign, you must:

  • Have received at least 100 impressions in the last seven days
  • Have received at least 10 conversions and/or conversion values within the last 10 days
  • Have been active each day with a minimum spend of $10 USD or more in the last 10 days

Key takeaways

Google Ads takes into account the variability of seasonal and special event shopping. Using tools like the Performance Planner and Smart Bidding adjustments will help you prepare your campaigns for an increase in shopping traffic.

Resources for more information

For more information on the Google Ads tools presented in this reading, check out the following resources

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