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Google: It’s now okay to use agencies

The times, they are a-changin’…

After years of being kind of against it, Google has urged advertisers to turn to agencies and third-party resellers as it conducts one of the largest layoffs in its history.

Why the pivot?

It makes sense, really. Google wants to reduce overhead related to advertising services, which means there will be fewer Ads representatives.

At the same time, agencies and sellers—also known as Google Partners—will be pushed to meet huge ad spends and keep increasing them… to the benefit of the platform, of course.

So… good news for third-party Google Ads agencies and consultants?

Another sunset

Speaking of Google Ads, the company has announced it will sunset its Google Optimize feature on September 30.

Apparently the feature has run its course and Google wants to “invest in solutions that will be more effective,” like split testing in Google Analytics 4, for example.

Head’s up, SEOs

Google recommends that you add canonical URLs to your sitemap file so you give it more hints about which pages you want to rank.

This may confirm that sitemap is among stronger signals, including redirects and rel-canonical.

Why we care

If you’re offering Google Ads services, you may get an unlikely help in acquiring new clients – Google itself!