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A guide to planning Valentine’s Day Amazon Ads campaigns that make customers swoon

Yes, Valentine’s Day is a few weeks away.

But the earlier you set up your ad campaigns, the more likely they are to yield results.

David Zimmerman agrees, and he posted a nice step-by-step guide to Amazon Ads that can help you win the eyes, clicks, and hearts of all lovebirds looking for gifts online.

Here’s what to do…

  1. Pick the right product, one that’s “giftable” for partners and loved ones.
  2. Enter “Valentine’s Day” in Amazon’s search bar to see auto-suggestions.
  3. Find more long-tail keywords that fit your product because the “valentine’s day’s” keyword difficulty is too high and you’ll struggle to prove your relevance.
  4. Go after the niche keywords. If you’re selling a towel with hearts on it, you might use “valentine’s day bathroom,” for example.
  5. Check Brand Analytics to see which long-tail keywords have the highest search frequency rating (SFR) and place it in your product title.
  6. Place the same word in one of your bullets. Also, add some of those other keywords you saw in auto suggests or Brand Analytics. Boosting SEO will help you boost impressions.
  7. Start 1–2 campaigns that will target those long-tail keywords in Exact, Phrase, and Broad match. Use Fixed bidding and Amazon’s suggested bids to begin with.
  8. Monitor performance and lower bids once sales start coming. Or when you start ranking.
  9. Start a separate campaign right now to target “valentine’s day” if you want to try winning some big sales—not impossible if you start right away. Just be sure it’s a separate campaign so it doesn’t gobble up the budget of your primary keyword.

And there you go… can you feel the ROAS in the air?

By the way, the earlier you start, the cheaper your cost per click (CPC), which should help you get early sales and make Amazon fall even more in love with your ads.

Seems fitting for Valentine’s Day, right?