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Head of marketing science reveals inside tips for effective campaigns

It’s not every day you get tips for using TikTok from an insider.

… Which is probably why this interview with Jorge Ruiz, TikTok’s head of global marketing science, caught plenty of attention.

Head of marketing science reveals inside tips for effective campaigns

Here’s the shortlist of his insights:

Effective frequency: According to Jorge, “the sweet spot is two to three exposures per week.”

Of course, the frequency of your posts should vary depending on your campaign and vertical.

And if you’re trying to communicate a message different message than usual to your audience, you might need to overinvest in ad frequency to make it “stick”.

Creative vs. frequency: In terms of importance, Jorge says there’s no difference between frequency and the effectiveness of the creative.

The brands that “build a test and learn discipline” will get the best results.

Mix it up: More generally, Jorge believes running longer campaigns and coordinating multiple placements work best.

Why we care: While Jorge’s tips aren’t groundbreaking, they are actionable and can give your campaigns the lift you’re looking for.

… Especially if you’re in commerce and have brick and mortar locations. TikTok could be a great channel for you.

Speaking of commerce…



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