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How to boost your personal brand by making your LinkedIn profile engaging

They say – If you’re in marketing, but not on Linkedin… are you in the industry at all?

Nowadays, being engaging and visible on LinkedIn opens an array of opportunities:

  • It’s easier for recruiters, potential clients, and other interested parties to spot you
  • You can establish yourself as thought leader and get recognized in the industry
  • You can be the most effective ambassador for your company

And Tequia Burt lists tips to help you get your LinkedIn profile in top shape.

Let the makeover begin…

1 – Use rich media: Even historically text-based platforms like Twitter are moving away from text-only content. So why would you use only text for your LinkedIn content?

Combine it with native video content, compelling images, carousel posts, and other rich media that will become more prominent on the platform in the future.

2 – Keep your updates short: The only way those long, dragged-out LinkedIn posts are getting engagement is when other people make fun of them on Twitter. Plus, users don’t have time to read multiple essays while scrolling.

Tell your audience exactly what’s in it for them. Use 150 or fewer characters, call out your audience, ask thought-provoking questions: Tech marketers, will VR ever be a thing?

3 – Use Showcase pages: If you have a brand, make sure you create Showcase Pages
that offer unique value to your audience.

This helps your audience follow the segment of your company that they’re interested in.

4 – Respond to questions: You can ask questions, but it won’t mean much unless you respond to them as well.

Engaging with your audience in comments will add dynamism to your profile, bring you closer to your audience, and provide trust and loyalty.

5 – Take advantage of the Content suggestion tool: If you’ve ever hit a dry spell, ask this tool for help.

It will list topics and content your audience cares about depending on the industry, location, job function, etc. This should help you always have fresh content ready.

But that’s not all. There’s seven more suggestions in the original article and they can all contribute to your personal LinkedIn brand – and more career opportunities.