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How To Optimize Landing Page Without Creating Landing Page

If you’ve ever tried optimizing your landing page – you know it takes a lot of traffic and a lot of money. Because for the data to speak, the traffic must flow. So, here’s how to optimize your landing pages without creating a landing page. We’re going to use Facebook Ads to test our:

  • Headlines
  • Subheadlines

And then use the winning creative to optimize our landing page. Because we can put our ads in front of a significant amount of people (aka impressions) and measure its success before making a decision. Here’s what to do and how to do it.

Content Summary

Creating Your Facebook Ads
Scale What Wins
Take The Winner And Send It
Putting It All Together

Creating Your Facebook Ads

During this test, only one metric matters: Click-Through Rate.

This tells us what is valuable and what resonates.

We’re going to create three different ads.

In this example, I’m going to use Grind Basketball for this case study.

As a basketball fan, this is one of my favorite products.

So, use this table to guide your headlines and subheadlines:

Headline Formular Test Headline Sub-headline Formula Test Sub-headline
Big Idea x Secret Sauce Shoot 500+ Shots An Hour w/o Chasing A Rebound You vs. Them It takes 6+ hours to shoot 500 shots at the gym, so we created the shootin machine that helps you shoot 500 shots in one hour. An it’s packed into a duffle bag and can be set up in 90 seconds.
What You Are x Differentiator The Basketball Shooting Machine That Folds Into Your Duffle Bag Value x Pain Point x Benefits Shoot like Steph Curry wherever you are and without chasing a rebound. Plus, it fits in the passenger seat of your car and can be set up in 90 seconds.
Outcome x Secret Sauce Become A Better Shooter w/o Chasing A Rebound Benefits x Objection Fits in a duffle bag. Sets up in 90 seconds. Shoot 500+ shots an hour. Never chase a rebound. Put all your effort into your game.

Here’s what the ads would look like:

Here’s what the ads would look like.

After 4-7 days, you’ll pick the top Headline Formula and Sub-Headline Formula.

Scale What Wins

You’ll take the winning formula and scale it by creating one more version of it.

And let it run for 2-3 more days.

After 2-3 days, pick the clear winner because that’s what you’ll use for your landing page.


After 2-3 days, pick the clear winner because that’s what you’ll use for your landing page.

Let’s say version B is the clear winner — now we go to our landing page.

Take The Winner And Send It

This next step is simple.

Take your winning copy and replicate it on your landing page.


Take your winning copy and replicate it on your landing page.

Putting It All Together

Bullet points to make it simple:

  • Use Facebook ads to optimize your landing page
  • Use these Facebook ads to pick the valuable copy
  • Create three different ads with three different headline and sub-headline formulas
  • After 4-7 days picking the winning headline and sub-headline formula and scale it
  • Create one more ad with the scaled headline and sub-headline
  • After 2-3 days determine the winning copy
  • Apply the winning copy to your landing page
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