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How to Take Care of Customer with Consistent Sensational Service?

Consistent Sensational Service shows how caring for customers and what they’re going through, especially in tough times, builds trust. Customers love to do business where they feel happy and satisfied. And when it is consistently excellent service, satisfied customers will keep coming back to you. They will tell others about the wonderful service experience so it is a great marketing and it is an important way to stand out from your competitors.

How to Take Care of Customer with Consistent Sensational Service?

If you love receiving great service… feel proud giving sensational service. – Eve, AshPsychologist

In this article, you learn how to deliver sensational service consistently – with your words, tone of voice, body language, and especially your actions, every time, all the time. In this dramatized case study, Carol considers sensational service is all about definite action and punctuality, and that service providers have passion and exceed her expectations.

Content Summary

Learning objectives
Respond positively and build trust
Ask and consistently care
Anticipate needs and surprise
Be efficient and focus on results
Key points

Learning objectives

  • Don’t be indifferent INSTEAD: Respond positively and build trust
  • Don’t assume you know INSTEAD: Ask and consistently care
  • Don’t wait for requests INSTEAD: Anticipate needs and surprise
  • Don’t be slow with actions INSTEAD: Be efficient and focus on results
  • Sensational service starts with your attitude
  • Don’t over-react, respond professionally, every time.

Respond positively and build trust

Tough times opportunity: Show customers you care about what they’re going through.

STEVE: It’s really exciting working for a company that even when the economy is struggling, people are really there for their customers and each other.

SERENA: I think that tough times present a sensational opportunity to show our customers that we care what they’re going through.

STEVE: Some of our staff sounds a bit tense and robotic over the phone.

DION: Hello, this is Cutting Edge Communications. My name is Dion how may I help you?

STEVE: A friendly tone of voice makes all the difference, especially if someone is anxious. Not, “Hey there.” But “Yes I can help you right now.”

A friendly tone of voice makes all the difference especially if someone is anxious: “Yes, I can help you right now!”

DION: Okay. I am very sorry to hear that and I’ll do the best that I can to fix that for you.
CAROL: That immediate connection with the client already puts them at ease, and they are going to trust you a lot more.

Immediate connection:

  • Puts the client at ease
  • Builds trust

ALEX: You may be on the phone talking to one client and someone else comes into the office. You can smile at them, give them a little signal letting them know you will be right with them.

  • Acknowledge multiple clients
  • Use signals

CAROL: Have a smile, have friendly eyes, be open
STEVE: Make sure your voice sounds warm and is approachable.
MIKE: Every customer is interesting. We can choose to show interest and be responsive each and every single time.

  • Every customer is interesting
  • Be responsive each and every time

Ask and consistently care

CAROL: Often sensational service is as simple as asking a question: “May I help you with that?” “Did you need me to stay later?”

  • Asking a caring question

SERENA: So we want to get down beneath the surface and find out what’s really going on. And that can happen through very specific questions about each little item that comes up. For example, direct questions would be,“How can I help? “What do you need?”And indirect questions would be, “It looks like you’re having a problem with that.” “I can see that you might be having some difficulty with that”.

Direct questions:

  • How can I help?
  • What do you need?

Indirect questions:

  • It looks like you’re having a problem with that.
  • I can see you might be having some difficulty with that.

STEVE: And if they say or do something you weren’t expecting, remember, be professional. React like this. Or like this. Or like this. “Hmm”. But never like this.” What!” “You gotta be kidding me.” So remember just don’t overreact. Okay?

SERENA: Your actions and words need to be consistent. What you say affects the customer.

STEVE: Even if you’re distracted or worried, make a point of focusing your attention on the other person. Listen and care about their needs.

  • Focus your attention on the other person
  • Listen and care about their needs

MIKE: You need to be at your best for every interaction. It’s all about consistency.

  • Be your best for every interaction = CONSISTENCY

Anticipate needs and surprise

BARNEY: Another thing is to anticipate issues. Know the product you’re selling, know how people react to it,(Barney addressing group) so that you’re able to say, “This is how I can better assist you.”

Anticipate issues:

  • Know the product you’re selling
  • Know how people react to it

STEVE: Here’s an example. I wanted to upgrade my cellphone so I go down to my local shop. There’s just one guy there seated staring at a screen, totally unhelpful. So I goto a competitor. Big difference. Very attentive, very helpful, they went over different options, different plans, different models, and features. They even anticipated what I might need while traveling.

  • Attentive and helpful
  • Explained options in detail
  • Anticipated needs

SERENA I love a helpful person who can move a few mountains for the customer, even anticipate my needs!

SAM: Part of the battle is really knowing who you’re working with, who’s your audience, and figuring out what best way it is to work with anyone you’re talking to.

  • Know your clients
  • Work out the best way to work with them

STEVE: I can surprise clients with options. It’s a personalized approach and I expect it from others.

  • Surprise clients with options
    • Personalized approach

Be efficient and focus on results

SERENA: People appreciate efficiency and effectiveness.

SERENA: I also want our people to use their memory to remember names, to remember places, to remember details, remember addresses, to remember locations, and offers, to remember what they’ve told other people.


  • Names, places, details, addresses, offers
  • What you’ve told others

CARLOS: And they start asking me questions
CARLOS: And I don’t know the answer.
STEVE: You tell the customer that you’re trying to get the best answer possible. And you may not have that answer right then, but you’re going to get it to them as soon as you can.

BARNEY: “I tried to speak to so-and-so about this, but I wasn’t able to. So what I will do is this.” And you follow through with what you will do.

  • Tell them what you WILL DO
  • And follow through!

STEVE: I wanted to get back to you earlier as I know you are struggling with everyone working from home.I found a solution to the problem and wanted to know if you had time to discuss it now.

  • Follow up ASAP
  • Empathy for situation
  • Signpost solution
  • Ask if the time to discuss

BARNEY: Even if it’s just a phone call back to that customer saying,“There’s still nothing right now, but I want to let you know I am on this.

CAROL: It’s imperative that my staff provide sensational service. They’re on time for meetings. They’re on time with delivery dates for our clients. They show up with passion and they exceed my expectations.

  • On-time to meetings
  • On-time to delivery
  • Show passion
  • Exceed expectations

MIKE: I always make sure to set my personal service standards high, that way no one can criticize my work ethic. Enjoy being efficient and consistent, your customers will love it too.

  • Set your service standards high
  • Enjoy being efficient and consistent

STEVE: Oh Jackie, no, no problem. I was more than happy to make the delivery as opposed to waiting on a courier. And I am so glad that your campaign launch is a success.

  • Enthusiastic follow-up
  • Acknowledge their success

MIKE: You have to deliver sensational service every time all the time. That reliability is what keeps people coming back.

  • Deliver sensational service every time
    • Reliability brings people back

Key points

DON’T be indifferent

  • They may be anxious or frustrated by a problem – be warm and approachable
  • Don’t ignore just because you are multi-tasking – acknowledge waiting clients and use signals

INSTEAD respond positively and build trust

  • Show that you value their business by showing interest
  • Connect with clients and build trust
  • Remember names, places, offers and what you have told people

DON’T assume you know

  • Don’t be lazy or disinterested
  • Don’t assume – be ready to find out and ask questions
  • Don’t over-react – actions and words need to be consistent

INSTEAD ask and consistently care

  • Ask direct or indirect questions – get beneath the surface
  • Ask specific caring questions
  • Notice if they have a problem
  • Listen and care about their needs

DON’T wait for requests

  • Don’t be distracted and inattentive
  • Don’t waste opportunities – get to know your clients so you can find out their needs

INSTEAD anticipate needs and surprise

  • Use your know-how to surprise clients with a personalized approach
  • Get to know your customers so you can anticipate their needs
  • Be attentive, helpful and explain options – use your knowledge

DON’T be slow with actions

  • Don’t forget names, details and what you have told people
  • Don’t be vague about actions needed – take responsibility

INSTEAD be efficient and focus on results

  • Be quick to respond to inquiries
  • Keep people informed of progress, explain actions and follow up
  • Keep promises – if you say you’ll do something at a certain time, do it!
  • It’s all about being on the ball, efficient, pleasant, alert for clues and signals, and ready to meet other people’s needs.


  • Respond positively and build trust
  • Ask and consistently care
  • Anticipate needs and surprise
  • Be efficient and focus on results

Happy customers, clients, and stakeholders will ensure better results and repeat business.