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How to use ChatGPT to uncover fresh insights about your customers

Most of the buzz surrounding AI focuses on content generation: asking AI to create images, write copy, draft the cold email you’ve been dreading to send… that sort of thing.

But have you tried using AI for research?

We experimented with some short market research prompts.

Here’s one of the prompts we used:

“I’m creating socks for 3-year-old babies. Please answer:

– Who decides the purchase of those socks for the babies?
– Where do they hang out on the internet?”

ChatGPT then gave us bullet points with helpful information about our target customers.

It was fairly basic, but useful—particularly for learning where parents spend their time on the internet.

How to apply this

Ask AI any question about your target customers and how to reach them.

This works especially well if you’re new to an industry. If you’re a seasoned marketer, ChatGPT probably won’t know more about your target customers than you do.

But, imagine you just onboarded a new client and you’ve been tasked with creating some ads.

As a starting point, you could hop on over to ChatGPT and ask it to spin up some market insights. Then, you can do what you do best: sell.