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Insurance and Insurtech News Headlines Update on December 16, 2020

AIA Group formed a regional strategic digital technology partnership with ZA Tech Global Limited, a joint venture between ZhongAn Technologies International Group and SoftBank Vision Fund 1. Leveraging ZA Tech’s digital technology platform to connect to digital partners in all of AIA’s markets and attract new customer segments with personalized and innovative products. ZA Tech also offers business and technical expertise in digital product design and pricing models and provides access to new digital partners across Asia. The first initiative under this partnership will be launched in Malaysia, where AIA General Bhd has announced a new digital insurance plan sold through the eCommerce platform Shopee. AIA and ZA Tech plan to extend the partnership across other AIA markets to include digital life and health insurance. Read more at AIA Press Release > AIA AND ZA TECH FORM REGIONAL DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY PARTNERSHIP

Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Ministry of Health, and Integrated Health Information Systems are collaborating with the insurance and healthcare sectors to build a data-sharing platform to speed up insurance claims by digitalizing the claims process especially for those hospitalized, go live as a pilot next year. #SGFinTechFest

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