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Why you should leverage TikTok’s “For You” page – and 3 tips to help you do it

When you open your TikTok app – what do you see?

The platform isn’t serving you content from the profiles you follow. Quite the opposite – it provides a suggested content feed curated by their algorithm on a For You Page (FYP).

And according to Tyler Perry, FYP is where the magic happens, so “figuring out” how to use it to your advantage may help you significantly increase your brand’s visibility.

But first, why is FYP so important?

Because it’s a powerful tool to market your content organically.

TikTok’s algorithm will track your behavior – videos that you watch, skip, like, add to favorites, and more – and will start tailoring FYP to serve you content you’re most likely to enjoy.

Going by that logic, getting your video on someone’s FYP means you’ve taken advantage of TikTok’s algorithm to get in front of highly interested target audiences.

Tyler shares three tips that should make it easier for your videos to end up on FYP:

#1 – Use proper hashtags

When adding hashtags, don’t think about them as shortcuts, but instead as tools that will help your audience reach you easier.

Use TikTok’s Trends tool to find trending hashtags relevant to your niche, combine less popular with popular tags and make sure they’re relevant.

#2 – Create shorter videos

The most popular videos usually last between 20-34 seconds.

Of course, TikTok allows videos to be up to 10 minutes long, but they are much less likely to be picked up by the algorithm, simply because users want short, snappy content.

#3 – Use trending sounds

Similar to hashtags, you can also find trending sounds using the Trends discovery tool.

By adding popular and familiar sounds to your videos, the chances that users will stop and watch your videos increase. Consequently, algorithms will recognize them as “FYP-worthy.”

Ready to grab those high-intent eyeballs?

Time to pay more attention to the FYP page and try to make content that will cater to TikTok’s recommendation algorithm.

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