Media and Marketing News Headlines Update on October 14, 2020

Content in a post-pandemic world

Disruption doesn’t treat everyone equally. The global pandemic has created opportunities for some brands while others have floundered. Economists are calling it a K-shaped recovery. Video streaming services and live streaming platforms have been big winners during the lockdown. Travel bloggers not so much.

What are people watching?

To a certain degree, lockdowns have provided marketers with a captive digital audience. That doesn’t mean they’ll watch anything. A recent survey by Google found viewers were after content that was positive, educational and unique. Live music streaming is also proving popular amongst viewers, but it’s doubtful it could ever replace the real experience or be financially stable for performers.

Forging a connection with the content

In uncertain times, people seek relatable connections and during the lockdown, this is often found via user-generated content (UGC). As budgets shrink and social distancing makes video production difficult, brands are also embracing UGC. The idea is to be more authentic, but not in an opportunistic way.

B2B marketing during COVID-19

The global pandemic has also changed the way B2B marketers go about their business. With face-to-face communication no longer an option, many B2B businesses have looked to digital content as a replacement. A recent FINITE report has found it hasn’t been smooth sailing with 35% of respondents listing the biggest challenge as producing enough content, 26% had trouble reaching the right audience and 16% couldn’t measure ROI.

There is a B2B audience

The news isn’t all bad for B2B marketers though. A PathFactory study has found there are B2B bingers who will spend an average of 19 minutes and 43 seconds engaging with content. You just need to reach them.

How do you engage in B2B?

The old days of a static white paper or pdf listing product specs are over. If you want someone to binge your content, it needs to be immersive or interactive. Think animation, data visualisations, infographics, video storytelling, social polls or any other creative way to grab attention. Alternatively, you can think like a B2C marketer and call in Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee.

Vans moves away from the traditional skateboarding stereotypes with a profile of South African Yann Horowitz and his coming out story.

Google invites five artists to play with its latest AI toy, Tone Transfer, that allows you to deconstruct any sound and remold it into a musical instrument.

The Olympic Games have been delayed but Deloitte is sharing inspirational stories about the US team, including the youngest surfer to win a world title, Carissa Moore.

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