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Meta: Yay, you can now certify your brand or agency

Like badges? Then you’ll like this…

Meta is launching a Certified Company program that recognizes businesses with expertise in digital advertising.

Meta: Yay, you can now certify your brand or agency

Why the fuss

This is the first certification Meta plans to offer to entire organizations. We’re talking brands, businesses, and agencies instead of individuals only.

Companies will have to achieve “a threshold of individual Meta Blueprint certifications in specific focus areas,” of which there are five:

  • Meta Media, Certified Company.
  • Meta Marketing Science, Certified Company.
  • Meta Creative Strategy, Certified Company.
  • Meta Community Management, Certified Company.
  • Meta Spark, Certified Company.

Who can apply?

Any company or agency, as long as employees have individual Meta certifications.

You can check the eligibility requirements here to see what it takes to have your company certified.

Why we care

By obtaining Meta certification at an agency level, you’ll show that you’re leading a team of certified Meta experts.

… Which could help you get clients, ask for higher retainers, and improve your overall branding. If your organization is available for the certification, might as well grab one.