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Microsoft: Ad inventory goes in-house, Edge gets a video resolution upscale feature

At Microsoft, it doesn’t have to be a holiday to bring the whole family together. Oops, sorry… by “family” we mean ad inventory.

Everyone’s home

The tech giant said it will transition the majority of its ads offerings on MSN, Outlook, and Microsoft Casual Games into Microsoft Advertising’s in-house technology and sales teams, and make it available through Monetize SSP.

Microsoft says the transition will help marketers:

  • Gain more direct and scalable access to Microsoft’s inventory.
  • Improve efficiency with an all-in-one platform.
  • Have support from Microsoft’s in-house team.

Sounds pretty good to us.

How to get it

Most major demand-side platforms (DSPs) already have integration with Monetize SSP. If that’s you, congrats.

Looking sharp

Also, Microsoft unveiled a new video feature for Edge browser.

The new feature uses AI to make low-resolution videos sharper. It’s currently limited to 720p or lower, but could help you breathe some life into old videos.

Good to know if you’re doing video marketing.

Why we care

Having all your inventory and assets together in one platform could make Microsoft Advertising more accessible, but also more efficient. You’ll have to let us know, of course.

And with Edge getting a video upscaling tool, you could repurpose some of your old content and “revive” videos you thought were deplorable due to low quality. Pretty sweet.

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