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More power to Groups

The best stuff on Facebook happens in Groups.

And—to the joy of everyone involved—Facebook decided to add more features to Groups.

Reels, events, relationships: After announcing Community Chats in Groups last month, Meta is expanding ways to make the Group experience even more personal:

  • Group profile updates allow members to customize the “About me” section to share more information and notify other members about whether they’re open to messaging.
  • Reels let you share information, tell stories, and build relationships by sharing special Reels videos directly in groups.
  • And you can also share a public Facebook event for your Group on your Instagram story regardless of whether you’re an admin or a group member. Sweet.

Speaking of admins, Meta is equipping them with some new tools too:

  • New ways to highlight select members. Top contributors can earn points for badges, which make it easier for admins to recognize them.
  • Admin assist updates including moving “fake news” posts to pending and a daily summary of actions taken in the Group.
  • Flagged by Facebook: An extension allowing admin to add some additional context and allow content that would otherwise be removed.

Why we care: With Facebook’s feed algorithm slowly becoming content-focused instead of user-focused, smaller Group feeds could recreate the community feel that Meta lost a long time ago.

These new features seem like a huge plus for marketers building communities.

Maybe Meta will introduce Group ads next?

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