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The most downloaded apps in September 2022

Surprise! TikTok is once again the most downloaded app.

The most downloaded apps in September 2022

OK, actually that’s not the real surprise. The real surprise is less obvious, and more interesting…

So popular: According to Appfigures, TikTok has been downloaded 54M times on both Android and iOS, beating Instagram and Facebook.

Tagging along: CapCut, a video editing app made by ByteDance, comes seventh with 26M downloads.

That makes sense, since CapCut was designed for the sole purpose of—you guessed it—editing TikTok videos.

Sneaky sneaky: Meanwhile, BeReal is still rising in popularity, at least among iOS users. It’s now the eighth most downloaded app on the App Store, with 11M downloads.

Why we care: When it comes to marketing channels, it’s important to keep an eye on the landscape, so to speak.

Growing channels mean more potential customers for you to reach.

And upcoming channels like BeReal bring opportunities to explode your growth—if you can figure out how to use them before anyone else.

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