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New Zealand bans TikTok on government devices and pressure mounts in the US

Oof, talk about Monday blues.

Back the ban

Six more US senators have sponsored legislation to give president Joe Biden powers to ban TikTok in the country.

The US Congress will question TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew on March 23 before deciding on next steps.

No more kiwis

Meanwhile, New Zealand is the latest country to ban TikTok on government devices out of “cybersecurity concerns.”

That makes New Zealand yet another name on an ever-growing list of countries prohibiting the app on government devices, including the US, Canada, Taiwan, several European countries, and more.

Influencers to the rescue

In an interesting turn of events, TikTok is planning to bring a crowd of influencers to Washington DC for three days this week.

Why? To hold a press conference on Capitol Hill in the hopes of preventing a forced sale of the company – which is one of the US government’s conditions for avoiding an outright nationwide ban.

Why we care

A TikTok ban would directly affect every brand, business, and influencer using it for marketing, so it’s worth knowing what’s going on.

And as we’ve said before, this is just reason #1339 why you shouldn’t rely too heavily on any one platform.

So be sure to take your learnings and assets and apply them to other relevant channels. No time like the present!

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