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Podcast Summary: How to Use AI to Support your Career Development


In this episode of the Squiggly Careers podcast, hosts Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis explore the practical applications of AI in advancing your professional journey. They highlight different AI tools that cover a range of functions, such as crafting effective résumés, performing interview simulations for practice, efficiently digesting lengthy reports and transcribing summarized video content. They emphasize the importance of complementing AI with human skills to capitalize on career development opportunities fully. Through insightful discussions, Tupper and Ellis provide insights on leveraging AI to enhance career growth and success.


  • AI tools can help you with career development.
  • AI tools can save you time and make you more efficient at your work.

Podcast Summary: How to Use AI to Support your Career Development


AI tools can help you with career development.

Before you start worrying that AI is here to replace you, dive into the tools themselves to gain an understanding of the technology’s abilities and how you could benefit from using these new tools. There is a lot of value to discover, and it can be quite fun exploring and experimenting with generative AI.

Several of the newly available AI tools can support your professional endeavors. AI can streamline the job application processes, for example, and enhance your chances of securing new employment opportunities. Kickresume is one CV-writing tool that can help you craft a better and more precise résumé. It provides a plethora of expert guides, models and templates for creating a compelling CV. The platform allows you to integrate your LinkedIn data and automatically generates a solid résumé that you can then personalize and refine to reflect your unique qualities and preferences. While the abundance of options it provides can feel overwhelming at times, the platform makes it easy to test different ways of presenting and enhancing your CV.

“If it is helpful, then maybe we should bring these into our work, into the way our teams work, and just get a bit more comfortable with them. And if it isn’t helpful, maybe we should just do what we do really well as humans and stop getting distracted by all the headlines.” (Sarah Ellis)

Another tool to explore is Interview School, a platform offering AI-powered interview simulations which help candidates prepare for job interviews. The AI interviewer asks relevant and thought-provoking questions and provides feedback on answer clarity, keywords, and pacing. Although it lacks the natural flow and rapport of an actual interview, it offers a valuable opportunity to enhance confidence and generate new ideas. The platform has free and paid options, with specific job-focused preparations available for those seeking more tailored guidance.

AI tools can save you time and make you more efficient at your work.

In addition to using AI to help you land a great job, you can use AI tools to save time and increase your efficiency at work. For instance, Wordtune, a tool that summarizes PDFs, reports and websites, can help you tackle lengthy reading materials, such as a 296-page World Economic Forum report. Rather than condensing the entire report into one paragraph, the software summarizes each page, allowing you to quickly scan and identify relevant sections. While Wordtune serves as a useful initial filter of the text, it cannot discern what information may be most essential for your specific interests or needs.

Video Highlight is another example of the summarizing and condensing wonders of AI. This software is highly recommended for those who enjoy learning through video content, especially on platforms like YouTube. It allows you to instantly transcribe and summarize videos while providing headings, bullet points, and concise summaries of the key points discussed. The tool effectively captured the content of a 30-minute PubPlus session video, accurately summarizing the presenter’s words and presenting them in a clear and organized format. The bullet points were succinct, informative and highly useful.

“The more we play, the more comfortable we get and the more we also see how these [tools] can help us, and how we might need to help ourselves with our very human skills too.” (Helen Tupper)

AI is still in its formative years, and the more you engage in playful exploration, the greater your comfort level will grow with using its features. You will gain insights into how these tools can assist you while recognizing the importance of leveraging your innate human skills as well.

About the Podcast

Co-hosts of the Squiggly Careers podcast, Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis are the founders and CEOs of Amazing If. They co-authored two Sunday Times bestsellers, The Squiggly Career and You Coach You.

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