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Podcasts are becoming more visible on major platforms

Running a podcast and/or podcast ads? Then listen up…

Podcasts are becoming more visible on major platforms

YouTube is dedicated: According to reports, YouTube plans to launch a dedicated homepage for podcasts.

The new page will help users explore podcast episodes and creators, and will also recommend podcast content. Right now the URL is only live for US users.

Twitter’s making plans: The platform plans to add podcasts to its dedicated audio tab, next to Spaces and the forthcoming Stations tab.

Like YouTube’s homepage, the audio tab will let Twitter users browse relevant audio content and discussions, while giving creators another place to promote their work.

Why we care: Giving podcasts greater visibility would expand their reach to more platform audiences, attracting new audiences and, likely, more revenue.

… And if designated podcast pages work out for YouTube and Twitter, it wouldn’t surprise us if other platforms give podcasts a lift, too.



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