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9 Realities of Marketing That Every Business Should Embrace

When it comes to developing a strong marketing strategy that covers all the necessary bases, every business has to know the facts behind the methodology. Whether you cover your concepts in-house or use an external service to offer insight, there are nine big realities that all companies can take on board to ensure they reach maximum impact and don’t waste any of their precious budget. Read on to find out more.

Marketing is More Holistic Than Ever Before

The days of a group of creatives sitting around a table and searching for media ideas that will find their feet in the big wide world are pretty much over. While TV adverts are still relevant and do reach millions of people all over the globe, marketing has changed and developed into a distinctive force of nature. They are now less dominant say than online content, which seems to be leading the charge in many areas in terms of actually impacting consumer decisions and engagement. So, if you want a strategy that lasts and retains relevancy, it must be kept in review on a regular basis.

9 Realities of Marketing That Every Business Should Embrace

Things Change Quickly

What works now will absolutely become defunct in a year. There is no way around this fact other than being proactive and constantly seeking out the most relevant strategy components and execution. It is less about creating a long-lasting campaign and more about not falling behind when Google changes the rules again. It is all to play for, and highly competitive to say the least. Things will change, and if you don’t keep up then your marketing strategy will fall flat.

The Best Strategies Come from Experience and Expertise

It is increasingly difficult to execute successful marketing without external input. That is why successful companies like Growth Foundry have flourished exponentially. There is a clear need for businesses, regardless of their size or time in active operation, to outsource marketing on some level so that the approach is entirely holistic and centered on valid data as opposed to stabbing in the dark to no avail. It will take time to understand what works for your audience and embrace all the factors that bring growth, so a helping hand in the meantime is nothing to shy away from.

Brand Awareness is a Crucial Component

One of the main objectives of a marketing approach is to show people what a brand is and who they are. If you can achieve that in ten words or less, even better. This crucial component must be nurtured carefully because a brand is only capable of authentic growth if it is on the radar of the people you are trying to reach. Loyal customers can only be loyal if they know who they are being faithful to, after all, so give them all you’ve got.

ROI Is Arguably More Important

It is a common misconception that there are only a few moving parts to advertising and marketing. While all factors like brand presence and awareness are vital, the biggest goal is always going to be encouraging ROI. If the marketing isn’t working, there are only two ways a company will move. Firstly, they will pump more into the bits that do work in the hope that they will start to create a bigger impact. Secondly, they could simply cut funding and quit the current agenda in favor of something more informed or completely different.

Embracing the Influencers Is Going to Happen

There are more influencers than there have ever been because it is a relatively new concept. These people are not celebrities, but they are influential and have a key role to play in targeting audiences and bringing in engagement. Everyone has some idea of what an influencer is, right? These people use social media for publicity and to raise their personal ‘brand’. They have millions of devoted followers and move on to promote services, products, days out, restaurants, theatre events, community drives, and everything in between. If the followers are right, for instance, 80K or more, then promotions galore will be at their door.

These influencers are now emerging as valuable people to form relationships with in business because it is a beneficial arrangement through which a business reaches a new audience, gets more shares, likes, followers, and exposure, and the influencers get the backing and investment from the interested party.

People Want Short and Snappy

Content is content, but there are various forms that work better than others. One of the most popular formats to come out of the woodwork in the last five years is short-style video content like reels and live feeds. The rate of engagement for companies that utilize these channels is plain to see, and there are so many opportunities within that yield intriguing data. It is vital to have an up and running, constantly monitored plethora of social media profiles across all of the major channels in order to implement this medium effectively and yield the best results.

Social Media Will Rule All

Alongside influencers and short, snappy videos, is the powerhouse that is social media. All the major platforms are taking over marketing in so many subtle and blatant ways. They are a useful basis for growth and should be used carefully and cleverly. Given that a large part of marketing is customer communication, this is great news for businesses. Using these sites officially will make a business that much more accessible for a higher percentage of potential clients, especially those of a younger generation.

Mobile Accessibility Is Becoming Non-Negotiable

Finally, any media campaign from this point forward must be wholly accessible by mobile. Recent trends indicate that there are more and more people using their phones to search through social media, fulfill search engine queries and generally shop around. If your business has no way of reaching these users, you will be missing out on a huge portion of the consumer market.

The hard truth is that marketing is evolving, just like lots of other parts of business operations. It is still important and must be controlled with insight guiding the way. Letting knowledge chart the course means meaningful engagement over meaningless waste.

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