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Reddit: New ads updates, plus a Mother’s Day guide

For marketers, Reddit’s ad updates and holiday guide are the equivalent of flowers and brunch.

Well… OK, maybe not quite. We’ll still go for brunch if that’s an option…

Half a dozen ad updates, how sweet

Reddit announced six new feature updates that should make it easier to set up and manage campaigns…

  • Simple creation allows you to produce a new ad in three steps.
  • Automated ad creation helps you build and test multiple ad sets variations, then determine which one performs best without needing to create new ads one-by-one.
  • Multi-currency support. Reddit now supports 40 international currencies. Cha-ching!
  • Better community search helps you find targetable communities based on topic relevance. Who doesn’t love relevant reach?
  • Longer reporting period means you can now zoom out your reports to view the 12 previous months, giving you a better perspective of your ad performance.
  • Bulk edit improvements let you change bids, budgets, and third-party report trackers for ads across multiple campaigns and ad groups at the same time.

That’s helpful

Reddit also published a 16-page guide to using the platform for your Mother’s Day campaigns.

A few useful insights:

  • Half of US Reddit users will be buying a Mother’s Day gift. In fact some users don’t have an account on any other platform. Talk about commitment.
  • Reddit community is a hub for Mother’s Day topics, including gift research, humor, and other discussion topics.
  • Conversations about Mother’s Day begin a week before the holiday, peak on Mother’s Day, and last a few days after. Something to keep in mind when you plan your campaigns.

Why we care

Reddit’s ad tweaks should help you get more out of the platform, if you’re running ads already.

And Mother’s Day is your chance to try these new capabilities during a real holiday. What timing, eh?

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