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Regulations: Digital Markets Act comes into force

Big tech companies may soon feel an even tighter grip from European regulations.

The Digital Markets Act (DSA) is now officially effective and it claims to have one goal: to make the digital sector “fairer and more competitive.”

But first, labels: First the European governing body has to determine which companies are “gatekeepers,” or companies big enough to dominate the market.

Apple is almost guaranteed to get a gatekeeper label, meaning it could be forced to allow users to install apps outside of the App Store and provide alternative payment systems.

It’s expected that the other big tech companies will share the same fate.

The change comes… when? Not for some time. The law is moving into a “six months implementation phase,” giving select gatekeepers until May 2, 2023 to comply.

Why we care: While there’s no immediate change, the new act will definitely bring changes to the industry landscape in the coming months.

Will regulating “gatekeepers” level the playing field? How will the regulations affect marketers’ revenues?

Guess we’ll see…



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