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5 Steps to Grow Your Email List’s Subscriber

Feel like you have a handle on everything except growing your email list? You don’t need a huge number of subscribers to start making money. But you do need a steady number of new people joining your email list so that you get fresh eyes on your offers + you don’t have a list that’s exhausted and depleted during your launches.

5 Steps to Grow Your Email List's Subscriber

There are 5 main steps when it comes to growing your list.

Content Summary

Create an opt-in incentive
‘Sell’ that opt-in
Start with one solid source of traffic
Optimize your site
Keep those subscribers and nurture them so you enjoy word of mouth marketing

They’re pretty simple and you may think you’re already doing them….

But if you feel your list is hovering at a certain number and never seems to go up, reconsider some of these steps and how you’re executing them.

Create an opt-in incentive

But not any opt-in incentive… one that’s most likely to attract people who will go on to do business with you.

Because you can create something that ends up attracting people who just sit on your list and do nothing.

They don’t buy…They don’t engage with your work.

You start to wonder if they even like you in the first place.

Your opt-in incentive is a pathway to an interest list. Think of it as a ticket to a performance.

If the people with the ticket never had an interest in the concert, you wasted all that time giving it away for free.

As good as the performance is, no one’s going to show up.

Your ticket needs to get the right people to your event.

Quick tip: Specific opt-ins that are quick to consume work best!

‘Sell’ that opt-in

The power of your opt-in lies in how you’re promoting it.

This is where bullets are your best friends…(yes those!)

We usually never pay much attention to bullets when we’re crafting our landing pages or opt-in forms.

But you want to spice them up, amp up the intrigue and curiosity (not to forget the benefits) so that people want to opt-in.

Now, compelling juicy bullets don’t have to be all filler with no punch.

They don’t have to be click-bait either. In fact they shouldn’t!

They just have to be sticky. You also want to add in those mock-ups and compelling headlines.

These will help to position your opt-in incentive so that the freebie hoarders stay out and your target audience can’t wait to get their hands on it.

Your opt-in incentive should not become another ‘free thing’ that they throw into their hard drives.

Start with one solid source of traffic

Put all your eggs into one basket? That’s crazy and I agree.

But we all have to start somewhere. So pick just one and go all in.

Get that traffic source to a place where you have a system of generating continuous leads from it before branching out.

Optimize your site

Opt-in blindness…people are so used to seeing opt-ins in all the usual places that they tune out and their eyes glaze over.

You don’t have to use those annoying pop-ups because there are so many other options.

Scrolls, exit intent, optimizing top trafficked posts with content upgrades…there are even smart plugins like thrive leads and pop-up ally that don’t show your opt-in forms to existing customers.

Keep those subscribers and nurture them so you enjoy word of mouth marketing

It doesn’t stop once you get subscribers….

You have to actually send them something and the easiest way to start with this is a welcome email series. Something that nurtures your new subscribers on auto…that builds brand awareness…possibly even sells your offers for you like clockwork…

Once you have this system in place you should have a simple email editorial calendar so that you don’t ever have to panic that you haven’t emailed your list in 5 weeks or more.

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