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Three methods of getting someone to do what you want with the negotiation skills

Getting people to do what you want is not always easy. It is sometimes a chore just to ask someone to do something for you. However, if you have the right skills you may be able to get what you want and get it done easily with no problems at all. It is all about learning and the process of negotiating the right way. If you are having trouble with this, you can always turn to different places to get the help that you are looking for.

Three methods of getting someone to do what you want with the negotiation skills. Source: ShutterStock

Three methods of getting someone to do what you want with the negotiation skills. Source: ShutterStock

There are three methods that you can get someone to do what you want with the right negotiating skills. You should first always ask to get more than what you expect. One the person knows what you want; they will do their best to get it done to some degree. You should not be arrogant or aggressive when you are asking for something. Just be calm and be respectful to the person and you may surprise yourself to get what you want.

You may also want the person to know that you do not have the final say. You may want to include another authority figure into the negotiation process. Let the person think that someone else is the one that makes the final decision and that you are only the mediator. This is great for work related problems because you can use the “other” person as the one that is controlling the situation. If you are having difficulty with one or more people doing what you want, you may want to tell them that you have to discuss the problem with someone else and that you will get back to them with the final proposal.

Another method is not to act too interested in what is going on. Try to be reluctant when you are discussing a proposal. You may want to act as if you have someone else, that could do the job for you and that you are not desperate for him or her to do it. This may work great for employment issues because you can stir up the feeling as if they are not needed. This may be a great method to get a person to work harder than expected to get the job done. However, this can backfire on you too. You may end up finding that the person does not care either way and they may end up telling you no. You have to sort of feel out the situation listened to your instinct on what is going on.

Never leave the other person feeling cheated or let down. Many people will try to get the very last piece out of you from a negotiation process. This can be a problem. If someone feels that they are being cheated, it may come back to hurt you. If a person does not fulfill their part of the deal, this can be a big disappointment for you. Most negotiations have to come out with an ending that is satisfying to all. Be willing to let some things go that is not that important and concentrate on the big concerns.

When you are using the methods above, you may find it to be much easier to get what you are expecting and to make the entire situation easier. Think about the problems that you are having and concentrate on how you can make them easier for you and others. Being able to work out a situation with a respectable approach is going to be a more positive and exciting opportunity. No one wants to be let down and it is very important to get on with certain issues and make the most of what you are discussing. Getting involved and staying throughout the very necessary in getting what you want and feeling good about it.

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