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TikTok: In-app shopping arrived in the US over the weekend

While you were lounging in joggers, TikTok was setting up shop.

TikTok: In-app shopping arrived in the US over the weekend

What that means: US businesses will soon be able to sell—and users will be able to buy—products right inside the app, thanks to TikTok Shop.

Who has access: Only a select few US businesses are being invited to use TikTok Shop… at least for now.

If you’re in the UK and Indonesia, you’ve had access to TikTok’s in-app store for a little.

If access is limited, why the fuss? For one thing, TikTok has grown 368% since 2018.

TikTok has grown 368% since 2018.

It was the most downloaded app in October, adding 53M new users in that month alone.

TikTok may have stepped into the US quietly, using only a few doors…

… But it wouldn’t surprise us if merchant access opens up quickly in the coming weeks and months.

And if you’re already running influencer campaigns and ads, TikTok Shop could make sales a lot easier for you and your customers.

Speaking of shopping-related things to keep an eye on…

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