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Two new Apple ad placements, and more

It’s never quiet in the advertising world.

Apple confirms two ad placements: Remember those rumors about Apple expanding their ad servings? The company all but confirmed them in an email to developers.

Two new ad placements—one in the Today tab, the other in the You May Also Like section—should be available October 25 in all countries except China.

Two new Apple ad placements, and more

It’s OK to be pushy: Surprise surprise… push alerts are becoming more prominent among publishers and advertisers alike. They’re up 2% last year compared to 2019.

Turns out push alerts can build a “brand habit” among users. Plus, “pusher” brands have better retention and are seeing five times more ad revenue. Good to know…

Instagram updated their creator marketplace with three new updates:

  • It’s easier for brands to share projects with creators that meet their criteria and to start collaborating.
  • New creator portfolios help influencers display their content and position themselves for partnerships.
  • Creators can provide brands with unique codes they can use to track results from creator content.

… All useful features for social media content creators and brands alike.