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Understanding People – How We Are Convinced By Something?

We make decisions and take action based on what we think is true. This is what we call a ‘belief’. We can ask questions to see how someone created that belief in the first place.

Those convinced by what others say and those who belief in their own interpretation.

Those convinced by what others say and those who belief in their own interpretation.

About This Course

How do we know that something is true? How do we convince someone that something is true? How do we get convinced by someone that something is true? This course teaches you everything you need to know about beliefs and convincing, why are we convinced by something, and how do we convince someone into something. This course is useful for people who want to know more about convincing. anyone who wants to know more about beliefs, or people who want to make communication easier by convincing someone into something.

Content Summary

60 Second Coaching Blueprint
FUEL Your Session
Action Planning: How To Work Out How Someone Is Convinced

When you ask someone how they know something is true, they may say things like “I saw it on the news” or “I read it on the net” or “So-and-so said it.”

These people are convinced by what others say, and build a level of trust based on their experiences with that medium.

Others are convinced only when they have done the research and create a belief system based on their own interpretation of what is right and wrong. These people have strong beliefs and they are hard to be persuaded otherwise.

To determine a person’s strategy, you might say to one person “I read on the web this morning that….” To others, you may say “You said before that your were interest in X, based on that, we should…..”

So, communicate in the way that person is convinced and you will get through to them easier.

60 Second Coaching Blueprint


  • How did you find the task? Easy? Hard? (Probe reasons)
  • Please confirm the two convincer strategies that were covered within the session?
  • What questions did you ask to reveal someone’s strategy? How did they respond? (Probe answers)
  • Talk me through each of your team’s convincer strategies and how you know these are right? What’s your evidence?
  • What is your own convinced strategy? Do others know it too?


  • What key learning points did you take from the session and from completing the action?
  • Was there anything covered that you are already doing?
  • What part of the session was most relevant to you and why?
  • What self-guided learning can you take to learn more about this topic?
  • How can you pass on the learning to other members of staff?
  • What are you going to do to ensure that the learning sticks and that you remember it?


  • What actions are you going to take as a result of this session?
  • What’s the first action that you are going to take?
  • Are there any resources or support from others that you will need?
  • How will you measure your success and effectiveness in this area?
  • Assume you’ve taken action and have achieved some great results; how can you take your performance to the next level in this topic?

FUEL Your Session

60 Second Coaching Blueprint to FUEL your session

60 Second Coaching Blueprint to FUEL your session

  1. Frame the conversation: Set the context and the focus for the conversations.
  2. Understand the current state: Help the coaches to gain awareness about themselves and what is currently happening.
  3. Explore the desired state: Help the coachee to identify and to think about the desired outcome. What’s the end game?
  4. Layout the success plan: Help the coachee to explore the options and to create an action plan and next steps which will achieve the end goal.

Action Planning: How To Work Out How Someone Is Convinced

Plan a conversation with someone where you are going to find out their convincer strategies and how they determine their beliefs.

During the conversation, ask how they know something is right or why they believe what they do. Listen out for the strategies they use to show how they are convinced by something. Is it something they have read, seen or heard? Or do they rely on their own feelings or research?

Work out for each of your teams what your convincer strategy should be?

Do you need to reference someone else or some evidence or do you ask them what they think about something themselves?


Question 1

When we make decisions and take action based on what we think is true, this is known as a …

A. Response
B. Conviction
C. Belief

Correct Answer:
C. Belief
Answer Description:
A belief is something we consider to be a fact and are convinced it is true. It is not necessary based on fact but maybe what is interpreted.

Question 2

It is important to respond to the content because…

A. It will allow you to immediately judge the situation.
B. It enables you to paraphrase and understand the situation.
C. It will give you the opportunity to make yourself understood.

Correct Answer:
B. It enables you to paraphrase and understand the situation.
Answer Description:
Responding is another term for reflecting back so as to demonstrate your own understanding.

Alex Lim is a certified book reviewer and editor with over 10 years of experience in the publishing industry. He has reviewed hundreds of books for reputable magazines and websites, such as The New York Times, The Guardian, and Goodreads. Alex has a master’s degree in comparative literature from Harvard University and a PhD in literary criticism from Oxford University. He is also the author of several acclaimed books on literary theory and analysis, such as The Art of Reading and How to Write a Book Review. Alex lives in London, England with his wife and two children. You can contact him at [email protected] or follow him on Website | Twitter | Facebook

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