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Updates on new campaign objective, livestream success, and Amazon traffic

If the following feature was a TikTok… It would definitely come in two or three.

Updates on new campaign objective, livestream success, and Amazon traffic

Let’s start with ads: The battle for attention is fierce and TikTok upped the ante with Focused view – a new campaign objective where you’ll pay for an ad only if:

  • The viewer interacted with an ad within 6 seconds or…
  • Watched that ad for more than 6 seconds

Meaning that you won’t get charged for an ad view if the user just glances over it. Cool.

The platform also announced another two big updates:

  1. Improved creator marketplace (TTCM) allowing brands to find creators more easily, activate creators at scale, and measure and optimize campaign performance.
  2. Showtimes: A new native experience that will allow filmmakers and movie studies to promote their latest film by showing trailers and theatre information to drive movie-going.

But the money is in real time: TikTok’s livestream business is surging. According to reports, the livestreaming revenue still accounts only for 15% of the platform’s turnover.

However, this segment grew by a staggering 990% in the past two years and may soon establish itself as the main growth driver for the company, next to ads.

First step to a sale: The platform is also establishing itself as the first touchpoint for shopping intent. For instance, it’s becoming a big driver for Prime Day sales.

According to Modern Retail, brands are using short video content on TikTok to drive awareness and traffic to other ecommerce platforms during big sales days. Which is big.

Why we care: Focused view objective shows that it’s not only important that someone sees an ad, but how they see it, and for how long.

It‘s also interesting to follow the growth of livestream shopping and how other platforms, such as Amazon, could use TikTok to up their own sales performance.