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What is the future of AI in content marketing?

A cloud of artificial intelligence-generated content is looming over content marketers.

Even before Open AI’s ChatGPT took the online world by storm, users have relied on AI writing tools for various reasons – from fighting writer’s block to writing entire ads.

And with the technology slowly weaving into the fabric of online marketing, the folks at Aira decided to ask experts a question…

Is AI set to transform how we produce written content?

Here’s what they found…

First, there’s tons of opportunities. Only 37% of marketers are currently using AI tools to help produce written content, with 63% being reluctant to embrace the technology.

Do you currently use any AI-generated content in your deliverables?

This wide gap provides a great opportunity to adopt AI language models early, learn how to pilot them as they grow and evolve, and be more efficient with your content creation.

Second, users are still figuring out the best use case for AI content tools. The survey respondents use AI writing tools for a variety of things, but mostly for:

  • Optimizing existing content (58.9%).
  • Writing long-form content such as blogs (57.1%).
  • Writing short-form copy (55.4%).

What are AI content tools currently being used for?

Respondents also said they’re using AI to brainstorm topics, suggest headlines, recommend keywords, and create content briefs for writers.

There’s bound to be more use cases in the future as the technology becomes widely adopted. Think creating topic clusters, keyword lists, and so on. Exciting.

But there’s still reluctance to adapt among those that don’t use the software. Out of that group, 76.5% have never even tried it, while 23.5% tried and gave up on AI after testing it.

If you're not currently using AI tools, have you ever used them in the past?

Those that tried and quit claimed that AI content:

  • Is not of high enough quality or doesn’t provide adequate results.
  • Can cause clients to leave.

This shows that people are still thinking of AI as replacement tools instead of augmentation tools.

The bottom line? AI can transform your content production process and give you a competitive edge, even if you’re currently among the reluctant 63%. In fact, with the help of advanced AI technologies like GPT detectors, you can streamline your content creation process and ensure that your content is of the highest quality.

Yes, that last line was written with a little help from ChatGPT. If you needed a little push…