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When should you ask people to refer your brand to their friends?

A while back, we did a report on Goli, a nutritional gummies brand that makes millions in revenue each year.

While Goli does a lot of things well—particularly in their paid advertising campaigns—we noticed one tactic they could have left out.

After we purchased their product, Goli immediately asked us to refer them to a friend in exchange for a $10 gift card.

While we love referral programs, this is one of the worst times you can ask someone to refer your product to a friend.

When you ask someone to refer immediately after they buy, it’s a lose-lose.

They’ve already paid, so they’re not getting a discount off their order. And if they’re a new customer, they don’t know whether or not they’ll buy from you again.

Our advice? Offer your referral incentive both before, and a couple weeks after, a customer places an order.

Here’s why:

  • If you ask someone to refer your product for a gift card before they buy, you’re offering them a discount on their first order, which incentivizes them to buy, evokes a positive emotion with your brand, and creates brand awareness.
  • If you ask someone to refer your product for a gift card a week or two after they buy, they’ve had enough time to try your product and likely know whether they want to order again. If they do, you’re incentivizing them for a discount off their next order.

See? Much better times to ask for referrals.