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Yep, you can use AI to mock up gorgeous landing pages. Here’s how to do it

Something most people know how to do: Type a prompt into ChatGPT.

Something hardly anyone knows how to do: Use AI to generate mockups of stunning landing pages.

We’re here to teach you how to do the second one.

Over the past month, we spent hundreds of hours diving into AI.

Along the way, we discovered a few techniques for getting AI image generators to do landing page designs for you.

One thing to know

If you want to do this, you should be using Midjourney. We tried other image generation tools, like DALL-E, but they didn’t quite understand how to build a landing page. Midjourney did.

Ready? Great. Here’s how to write a good prompt:

  • Start with the phrase “marketing landing page.” This gives the AI a foundation for building your page. You can always add customizations from there.
  • Include the type of CTA you want. For example, a prompt for an email capture page might read, “marketing landing page with email signup.”
  • Add color and style customization prompts. For example, you could write something like “marketing landing page with email signup, pinterest aesthetic, cute color palette, behance” to get a cute, light, airy design.
  • If you want something to feature prominently in the image, include it in the prompt. For example, “marketing landing page with alfa romeo in the center, bold color palette.”

What to do from here

Use AI to give you inspiration for landing page design and format. And if you want to take it a step further, use AI to illustrate images you can include on the real above-the-fold section of your site.

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