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5 basic steps for rock solid SEO and higher rankings

The ever-changing nature of SEO can feel complex and overwhelming.

But here’s the thing: if you want to lift your website rankings, just focus on the basics.

In this Twitter thread, Matt Gray outlines the fundamentals you should invest most of your energy into.

Let’s get basic…

1 – Increase your website speed: A slow website creates a bad user experience and high bounce rates, and it even makes crawling hard for bots.

Use plugins that can optimize your website, compress images, remove unnecessary large items, etc., to make it faster and more efficient.

2 – Identify keywords: Put all your keywords into a separate research sheet. Find a list of top competitor keywords using SEO tools, then find related and semantic keywords to produce your content around.

And keep in mind that sometimes even low search volume keywords can yield great results.

3 – Create unique SEO landing pages… also known as “money pages.” These are highly optimized pages for all the verticals your business can solve.

“SEO agency,” “ad creative agency,” “LinkedIn optimization”, etc.

4 – Outline and write great content: Find awesome topics on niche message boards, forums, Reddit, Quora, etc. Study competitors, too, then outline header structure and primary and secondary keywords.

To write great content you need to understand your audience, write concise fluff-free sentences… or hire awesome writers from reliable groups and job boards.

5 – Build links: The strength and authority of your website relies on relevant backlinks that lead back to it. Learn about guest posting, broken link building, and linkable assets.

Matt also suggests finding communities where your audience hangs out and promoting your high-value content there.

You’ve got the basics! Do these right and climbing up the SERP won’t seem so steep.

Of course, don’t forget to keep track of your rankings and improve where possible. You’re never quite “done” with SEO. Content maintenance is half of the battle!

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