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YouTube introduce handles, plus two SEO updates

Isn’t it crazy how siblings can come from the same parents and be nothing alike?

Sort of like today’s three Google updates…

What’s your handle: YouTube is finally adding “handles,” following in the footsteps of Twitter, Instagram, and other channels.

YouTube is finally adding “handles,” following in the footsteps of Twitter, Instagram, and other channels.

YouTube handles or “@usernames” will allow all users to interact across Shorts, channel pages, video descriptions, inside the comment section, and more. Nice.

Who should write reviews: Google has added three examples of desired product review article writers:

  • An expert staff member or merchant that guides shoppers between products.
  • A blogger providing independent opinions on products.
  • An editorial staff member of a news or publishing website.

Sometimes, but not always: Also, Google’s Danny Sullivan confirmed that the product review update is indeed on a page-level basis.

… Unless you have a lot of product reviews, in which case it could be a site-wide evaluation.

Why we care: YouTube’s handles could be a game-changer if you’re using the platform. They should make it easier to promote your account and boost brand awareness in video descriptions, comments, and elsewhere.

And in case you haven’t noticed already, Google’s reviews update proves it favors legitimate, authoritative content above simple, low-quality review pages.

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