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A simple copywriting insight that could seriously boost your readability

There’s one writing mistake a huge number of brands make, and it’s frequently hurting their conversion—and every writer’s eyes, too.

Want to know what it is?

Not using consistent capitalization, particularly in headers.

Here’s a crash course on the two main types of capitalization:

  • Sentence case. This is when you write your copy in standard sentence format: Capital letter at the beginning of the sentence, period at the end.
  • Title case. This Is When Each Word In Your Copy Starts With a Capital Letter, like we just did here. It’s frequently used in headlines, and rarely used in body text. We wish we could say it’s never used in body text, but… there’s always someone.

The problem? Lots of brands aren’t consistent. Their site headline will be in title case, but other headers will be in sentence case, or vice versa.

Or, they’ll go for the “I’m trendy and young and use Twitter” aesthetic and write everything in lowercase, only to use title case in their footer or on different pages of their site.

How to solve this:

  • Pick a capitalization style for all your headers and titles. Stick with it.
  • Pick a capitalization style for all your body copy. Stick with it. The correct choice here is almost always sentence case, for what it’s worth.

Yes, you may increase conversions if you fix these things.

Win-win. Happy writing!

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