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AI Marketing: ChatGPT finally opens its API, there’s an AI tool that understands images, and more…

You probably saw it trending on Twitter yesterday. But just in case you didn’t…

API is out

Devs around the world were waiting for this news. OpenAI finally rolled out ChatGPT API to the public, which means developers can integrate the model with apps and products.

Several big companies have already integrated ChatGPT models with their products, including Snapchat, Quizlet, Instacart, Shopify, and more. Exciting times.

Oh, and OpenAI also introduced an API for Whisper, its text to speech AI model.

What’s wrong with this picture

And then there’s Kosmos-1, Microsoft’s new AI tool, that can analyze images for content, solve visual puzzles, and more.

This is part of an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) project to integrate different input models like text, audio, and images so AI can “perform tasks at the level of humans.” Spooky.

Summarize this

Brave, the most popular privacy-first browser, just announced Summarizer – an AI-powered feature that “provides concise answers at the top of the results page.”

What’s different about Summarizer is that it’s “trained to process multiple sources” in order to provide accurate and up-to-date information. Sounds like good news for content marketers…

Wardrobe change

Finally, it looks like YouTube is working on some AI tools for content creators.

YouTube’s new head Neal Mohan teased AI-powered tools “from virtually swapping outfits to creating fantastical film settings.” We’ll probably learn more in the coming months.

Why we care

The ChatGPT API is a game-changer and make no mistake – we’ll be seeing tons of products implementing it, and fast.

But that’s just the beginning. Tech giants are planning to use AI for a plethora of purposes, and being “AI-literate” could become an industry requirement soon.

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