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Advertising: 4 tips get the most out of your ads this year

Despite all the ruckus following iOS updates, Facebook Ads are recovering.

And as Andrea Vahl writes in her article, the ad performance in recent weeks is the best she’s seen in years.

But to make the most of your campaigns in 2023, you have to know the context around the recent changes and pay attention to a few key elements.

Here’s what you should know about Facebook in 2023: Facebook’s Pixel seems to be getting better, while AI-powered, automated ads like Advantage+ shopping campaigns seem to perform above expectations.

As things stand, Meta will keep going all out on ad automation, so expect even more updates.

Now knowing that, here are four things you should pay the most attention to:

#1 – Goal selection. The thing with machine learning is, if you don’t set your parameters right, you lose a lot of money.

Lead generation works well for Facebook when it’s combined with an Instant Form popup or when sending traffic to your page with the Pixel properly installed.

For the sales goal you should have Conversions API and Pixel installed.

#2 – Tracking. Collecting data throughout the funnel will help automation to learn and help you to get better results.

Head to your Events Manager to install Conversions API easily and track signals like adds to cart or purchase ROAS.

#3 – Split test. Broad targeting has improved, but you still have to be smart with testing. Test audiences first with the same budget, ad, and creative under each set.

After 5 days, you’ll have data on best performers, which you should use to test new creative. Here’s an outline for reference.

#4 – Scaling. Smaller budgets work well with ad budget optimization (ABO), while larger budgets can benefit from campaign budget optimization (CBO) scaling.

For the latter, you add winning ads and audiences into one campaign and increase your budget by 20–30% every few days.

Remember, don’t forget to test lead magnets, offers, even landing pages. Facebook is still a dominant player in the ad market, so take advantage of it!

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