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You’ll be able to track your ads better, plus push alerts are coming to Safari

Apple’s flipping the cart this week…

We mentioned yesterday how the company dished apps a new blow by making it mandatory to use Apple’s in-app purchases feature for social media boosts and promoted posts.

You’ll be able to track your ads better, plus push alerts are coming to Safari

But that’s not the only “pushy” thing: Apple also announced web push notifications support in their recent macOS update, which means push notifications are coming to the Safari browser.

Since push alerts can be a good retention tool, it’s nice to know that you’ll be able to use them to notify Safari users, too.

Also, the new SKAdNetwork version could help advertisers better track and measure their ad performance.

Basically, the updated framework will help you know if an ad is working by attributing app installs to specific ads campaigns. Good news!

Why we care: Apple clearly has big advertising revenue goals, and better attribution and web push notifications are certainly handy for marketers.

Here’s hoping the other changes are as useful…

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