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Ads are good… but have you tried this high ROI channel?

The best investment a marketer can make isn’t in advertising… it’s in people.

Ads are good… but have you tried this high ROI channel?

When customers recommend your brand to friends, family, or followers, they’re much more likely to try you out than if you bomb them with ads… no matter how clever you are.

The good news is, with a little bit of work, you can turn customers into brand loyalists and, ultimately, into brand ambassadors.

In a recent Twitter thread, Ashvin Melwani from Obvi shared some non-traditional ways to boost word-of-mouth.

Let’s get those customers talking…

Leverage online communities: Don’t underestimate the power of groups, such as those on Facebook. That’s where users gather to discuss your brand, find inspiration, motivation, and more.

Plenty of users invite their friends to these online communities, which often becomes their first touch point with your brand, and can lead to purchases.

Send gift magnets: Bet you haven’t heard this before. Obvi sends magnets with every order because… well, because they’re cool. And you can slap them on any surface.

A simple magnet makes your brand ever present in someone’s home. And while that can boost retention, it also gets friends and family members asking about your magnet.

Throw in free gifts with orders: Always try to throw in a little something extra, especially for big orders.

Shaker cups, tote bags, and stickers are all things your customers can use anywhere… and they can make other people curious about your brand.

Good packaging: It sounds cheesy, but “Instagrammable” products sell. They’re much more likely to end up in other people’s stories as user generated content.

Good customer experience: One overlooked word-of-mouth hack is making customers feel really good after they’ve completed a purchase. They’ll always remember how your brand made them feel.

Were you friendly and helpful? Was the shipping trackable? Did the package arrive on time? Did you follow up with an email? Get this right and you’ll win brand ambassadors.

Alright, it’s time to get them talking! The market is saturated with salesy brand messaging and product benefits. Turn this around, and watch your sales spike.

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