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Advertising: Bad news for streaming ads, Stripe downsizes, and Etsy beats expectations

The season of advertising ups and downs continues.

Netflix, close your ears: Roku reported revenues “substantially below market estimates” in what’s traditionally been a strong revenue season.

Roku’s failure to meet expectations doesn’t offer much hope to Netflix, which launched its ad-supported tier yesterday… or to Disney+, which plans to launch its own next month.

Are e-commerce payments slowing? Stripe—one of the biggest online payment providers—announced it’s laying off 14% of staff in preparation for “leaner times.”

… Not good news for the overall online commerce economy, since Stripe has been one of the benchmarks for internet purchases.

Meanwhile, Etsy’s all smiles: The e-commerce platform reported $594.5M revenue, beating their Q3 expectations by almost $30M.

Like Pinterest, Etsy is one of the rare winners of the previous quarter, and interestingly enough, both are predominantly female platforms.

Makes us think of the “lipstick effect” theory, which suggests that items like beauty products sell well during tough times because they give people a sense of luxury.

Why we care: Some advertising channels are becoming less effective as spending power decreases among shoppers.

Just more signals to pay attention to if you’re running ads, or planning to.

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