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Advertising: You’all got anymore of them ads?

As if you needed any more proof that ads make the digital world go around…

Now Yahoo wants in: The company is making Taboola its native ads partner, taking a 25% minority stake in the advertising network.

Why? Because “digital advertising has a huge wind at its back over the long term,” according to Yahoo’s CEO Jim Lanzone.

Better than Prime: Meanwhile, Amazon’s recent earnings report shows that the company made $36B from ads this year, a 58% increase from 2021.

That’s $2B more than all of Amazon’s subscription services combined, including Prime video, music, eBooks, and Audible. Whoa.

Microsoft plans to double down: The tech giant spent the year expanding and improving its ad network and features, and is planning to double its ad revenue to $20B next year.

Microsoft’s leadership wants to “differentiate from competitors,” possibly providing streaming ads, gaming ads, and more through partnerships and their own assets.

Why we care: The good news is, if you’re in the digital advertising space, you’ll probably never run out of work.

It seems the only problem will be picking the right ad platform as channels keep expanding and adding new networks. Exciting times!