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Alphabet: New GA4 suggested audience, affiliate links, affiliate marketing system coming to Shorts

Alphabet has two updates for two separate products.

Alphabet: New GA4 suggested audience, affiliate links coming to Shorts

One will make analytics geeks happy: Google Analytics 4 just added another suggested audience called “7-day unnotified users.”

Suggested audiences provide your audience recommendations based on your specified industry category – and this one will include users who have not received a push notification within the last seven days.

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…and one for content creators: YouTube should soon introduce two new revenue streams for Shorts:

  • Affiliate marketing system that will allow brands to pay US-based creators to promote their products.
  • Affiliate links that will allow users in the US, India, Brazil, Canada, and Australia to shop through Shorts.

According to YouTube Shopping’s General Manager Michael Martin, it’s a model that endorses creators instead of the “traditional advertising or paid placing model.”

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Why we care: It’s good to see new additions to Suggested audiences, especially since they help you easily add audience segments for your desired industry categories.

Furthermore, YouTube’s attempt to replicate TikTok shopping will be interesting to follow as platforms keep adapting to the tectonic shifts away from what’s now known as ‘traditional social media.” Fun times ahead.