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Amazon and Walmart like having you around

… And they’re rolling out new features to keep you advertising on their platforms.

Amazon wants in on email marketing: The company is planning to roll out a new email marketing feature called Tailored Audiences—currently in beta.

This tool will let merchants send free emails to existing customers on the platform, including repeat customers, recent customers, and high-spend customers.


… And Walmart is handing over the ad keys: The company is onboarding new and existing Marketplace sellers to their ad platform.

Walmart is onboarding new and existing Marketplace sellers to their ad platform.

Walmart also promises to improve their Ad Center later this month to make it easier to launch and optimize Search campaigns.

Search Brand Amplifier for everyone: Not only that, they’re rolling out their previously exclusive search ad campaigns to registered Marketplace brand owners and sellers.


Why we care: It seems these goliath marketplaces are shifting their focus towards smaller merchants to incentivize them against using stand-alone platforms like Shopify.

That could benefit you in a few ways… give you a broad audience, increase your customer lifetime value, and help you avoid privacy issues and vanishing data signals.

It will be interesting to see how well these tools perform…

Alex Lim is a certified book reviewer and editor with over 10 years of experience in the publishing industry. He has reviewed hundreds of books for reputable magazines and websites, such as The New York Times, The Guardian, and Goodreads. Alex has a master’s degree in comparative literature from Harvard University and a PhD in literary criticism from Oxford University. He is also the author of several acclaimed books on literary theory and analysis, such as The Art of Reading and How to Write a Book Review. Alex lives in London, England with his wife and two children. You can contact him at [email protected] or follow him on Website | Twitter | Facebook

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