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Apple’s SKAN 4 will make it easier for marketers to capture and attribute data. Here’s how…

You might have heard… Apple recently launched SKAdNetwork (SKAN) 4.0.

The new version of Apple’s privacy-based measurement framework is expected to give mobile app marketers an easier way to track campaign performance. But what changes will it bring?

According to Katie Madding, industry-wide adoption of the framework is going to take time, but you can stay ahead of the game by understanding the fundamental shifts.

Let’s dive in…

Source identifier can be extended to four digits: Previously named Campaign ID, the metric can now display two additional digits if the measured number surpasses Apple’s privacy threshold.

These two digits can help you see more data like keyword, creative, location, and more, and give you an extra dimension.

Coarse values: SKAN introduces coarse grain conversion values, meaning you can assign conversion values to a “grain of low, medium, or high.”

This should reduce the number of null values. Nobody likes those!

Three postbacks: Previously, you could have only one postback. SKAN 4 introduces two additional postback windows so now you have 48 hours, 3–7 days, and 8–35 days windows.

New attribution data should provide more clarity on which channels bring better quality users.

Applying lockWindow: If the 8–35 postback window seems too broad and vague, you’ll be happy to hear you can lock each window to a specific time.

For instance, you can lock a 3–7 days postback window on day 5, which would instruct it to measure user behavior and activity up until that day. Sweet!

Web support: Finally, there will be a web-to-app measurement for web traffic.

While it’s for Safari traffic only, as Katie says, Safari accounts for 90% of iOS traffic anyway, so there’s a lot of new data to be had.

Yep, sounds trackable alright. The entire measurement framework is a constant work in progress, but the new version brings enough changes for us to be excited. Time to set up some mobile app campaigns…