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Meta: Your Facebook lead ads just became stickier

Looks like Meta decided to add more style and substance to its lead forms…

According to Jon Loomer, you can now create a new type of lead ad that allows you to guide potential customers through an entire journey before they sign up.

How it works: When you create a lead form, you should see a new “Custom” type option under the Form type section – if you’re eligible.

That takes you into the new form creation, where you can add an image and headline, pick a color scheme for the entire ad, and share basic overviews of your brand and benefits.

Then, the magic happens…

So many options: The new lead form gives you options for telling your story via…

  • How it works. Tell leads how to sign up, get started, and how to use your product.
  • Products. Describe your products or services.
  • Social proof. Add reviews, certifications, publication features, and more.
  • Incentives. Give something in return, such as free trial or consultation.

Once it’s set up, the ad acts as a mini funnel, indulging relevant information but also warming up leads until they sign the dotted line.

Why we care: This is a big update for Facebook, and can help you showcase your brand or business to interested parties – and probably capture more qualified leads.

And of course, if you’re looking to keep it simple, don’t worry… the old lead form types are still there. The more, the merrier!