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Marketing Trends: What’s trending on Google and Pinterest

Another day, another ad channel posting annual trends and future predictions.

A year of googling: Google released their annual Year of Search, revealing this year’s major worldwide trends.

Some of the top trends could be interesting for your marketing efforts, especially top pets, plants, recipes, and even songs for your short form video content.

But if you want to go more local, Google released the same report for most major countries. And that’s not all – there’s a Local Year in Search section showing trends for cities in the US. Pretty cool for local marketers!

Looking forward: Meanwhile, Pinterest Predicts for 2023, a self-proclaimed “window from the future,” shares rising trends based on audience, brand values, and categories, such as…

  • Fashion. “Barbiecore” might be coming back, complete with tube tops and cargo pants, particularly among Gen Z and millennials.
  • Home furnishing will go from minimalistic to colorful and “hipstoric.”
  • Wellbeing will be a top trending category with searches around Primal movements including neck hump exercises, mobility stretches, and more.

Why we care: Both trends above can give you a sense of the content that works on these platforms.

Google trends tell you what’s definitely working, while Pinterest gives you ideas for staying ahead of the curve.

Leverage both when planning your campaigns, and you may hit the jackpot.