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A common website mistake that most marketers make

Above the fold (ATF).

You see it everywhere: copywriting courses, “before and after” marketing Twitter accounts… and even your dreams at night.

Quick public service announcement: The vast majority of engagement on your site happens just at and below the fold.

This means your Below the fold (BTF) is just as important—if not more important—than your ATF section.

Here’s where marketers go wrong: It’s surprising how many websites have a gorgeous section ATF, but a messy, disorganized BTF.

So keep in mind the following do’s and don’ts:

  • Lead with key, conversion-driving information BTF. Don’t include a “Send a gift!” or “We’re good for the planet” section immediately below the fold. Write great copy focused on value props—copy that gets people to engage.
  • Lead with your most compelling value prop. Because most sites have three or four content sections below the fold, the order of value props can get jumbled up. But don’t let it be random. Begin with your most interesting, compelling value prop. There’s no reason to bury it lower on the page.
  • Include CTAs often. A big mistake marketers make is to include one CTA at the top of the page and another one at the bottom of the page—when in reality, most people engage in between those two sections. Include CTAs early and often.

That’s your landing page quick tip for the day. Enjoy that boost in conversion!