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Little-known tricks for increasing your email open rates

Sending emails is easy. But sending emails that get opened frequently? If only…

You’ve probably heard the standard tips for increasing open rates already, like using personalization, short subject lines, and so on.

Little-known tricks for increasing your email open rates

But Andy Crestodina offers a few lesser-known tips that are worth trying.

Let’s open them up…

Write meaningful preheaders: If witty subject lines grab attention, preheaders promise the benefit of reading the email.

Kinda like this newsletter. Our subject line is short, snappy, and intriguing enough to tickle your imagination. But thanks to our informative preheader, you know the content inside is worth looking at.

Use numbers: Numbers make your subject line more prominent in busy inboxes.

And according to research, some numbers cause higher engagement than others. For example, numbers like 10, 5, and 7 get more clicks than numbers like 1, 13, or 40.

Use catchy words: Studies of billions of subject lines show that words like upgrade, alert, celebrate, or golden are irresistible.

Oh, there are about 20 other words in the article you can borrow.

Use “visual” words: Whenever you’re promoting content that has a video, infographic, chart, or any visual representation, make sure to include it in your subject line:

  • Omnichannel marketing explained with infographics.
  • 10 marketing diagrams you can use.

Clean up your email list: List hygiene is essential. The more inactive emails you have on your list, the lower your open rates.

Remember, the number of subscribers means nothing if they don’t open. It can also stain your reputation among email providers, and even mark you as spam!

We’re out of room, but if you’re interested in more actionable tips, take a look at the rest of Andy’s article.

Hopefully, these tips will help you skyrocket your open rates… And subsequently, your sales.