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Video indexing performance tracker is now live

Good news if you embed videos on your website…

Google finally released their new video indexing report in Google Search Console, which shows you how videos on indexed pages are performing.

How it works: If Google detects videos on your website, it will automatically index them and show the report on the left navigation bar.

What it shows: The report will help you analyze things like:

  • The number of pages in which Google has identified a video.
  • Which videos were indexed.
  • The issues preventing videos from being indexed.

You can also ask the Console to validate fixes and index the video after you’ve made required changes… yep, just like regular page indexing.

Why we care: If videos are part of your strategy, now’s a great time to index them.

Google’s update gives you new opportunities to rank and drive traffic to your website… as long as you enable the crawlers to do their thing.

Speaking of opportunities…